K-PAK products work synergistically to rebuild, reconstruct, strengthen and protect damaged hair!

K-PAK Color Therapy is the first hair care system formulated to preserve color by addressing the β-layer, your hair’s first line of defense against damage and color loss.

Repair and prevent sun damage with K-PAK Sun Therapy. These groundbreaking formulas fuse Hydroxy Sun complex with Quadramine Complex to repair sun damaged hair by literally filling in the holes burned into the cuticle by the harmful rays of the sun.

This unique volumizing and thickening line targets fine, limp hair by actually increasing the diameter of each hair fiber without added weight.

Thinning Hair Solution fusing proven botanicals with advanced hair science.

Color Endure takes color preservation one step further with our exclusive Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex, a three-phase technology to prolong color longevity and tonal integrity.

Our core line of cleansers, conditioners and styling products offers a full spectrum of balancing hair products that focus on the science of healthy hair and address the needs of every hair type.

Moisture Recovery is a dry hair product that provides the first step to revitalizing thirsty hair.

Backed by years of cutting-edge research, Re:nu AGE DEFY is the only comprehensive hair care system that controls the effects of graying, loss of density, change in texture (manageability, responsiveness and fluidity).

Smooth Cure is ideal for all hair types. It's lightweight enough for the finer textures, yet effective on thicker and curlier textures. The system provides 24-hour high humidity protection and reduces frizz by 79%.

Silk Result products are designed for those who want soft, silky hair regardless of whether you are starting with fine/normal or thick/coarse hair.

Joico's state-of-the-art styling and finishing products are fortified with Joico's exclusive Quadramine Complex. These products are designed to be mixed and matched with your favorite Joico care products to create customized, healthy style.